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packing ground coffee

Being one of the world's three most popular non-alcoholic beverages, the coffee market is wide. Its packaging has got much attention of manufacturers and consumers.

Fresh ground coffee, with great tastes and flavors, but it takes some time to make. Therefore, buying ground coffee directly is a convenient way. Then it could be packaged and sold. When the buyers get it, they just need to extract it.

Ground coffee combines the advantages of fresh ground coffee and instant coffee, making it popular with urban coffee lovers.

  • How to Keep Ground Coffee Fresh?

    In essence, ground coffee is part of the bean. So its packaging requirements are somewhat similar to coffee bean's.(Click to know more about coffee beans packing)

    The Factors affecting ground coffee preservation
    The fat and flavor of ground coffee is the criterion of quality. They are prone to oxidation reactions. And high temperatures will accelerate the oxidization of fat and the release of aroma. They are easily affected by light temperature, oxygen and moisture, which is the reason for the deterioration.

    The requirements of package materials
    According to the above factors, the package materials of ground coffee must meet the requirements of moisture-proof, oxygen insulation and gas barrier. Because of the grinding extent, the coarse ground coffee is a little bit sharp, the package material should be wear-resistant.
    You could choose bags with laminate heat sealable materials with a layer of aluminum foiled film. Meanwhile, when packing coffee, vacuuming and nitrogen flushing can be selected as part of the packaging process to reduce oxygen residue.
  • The Main packaging formats of ground coffee

Bag packing

Bag packing is popular with customers and manufacturers for its attractive shape.
The normal packing pouch formats are flat pouch, quad sealed pouch, stand-up pouch and gusset pouch.

If you're worried about bursting the bag with carbon dioxide, you can also choose a bag with a degassing valve. But as the valve removes released CO2, it also removes the aroma. Please pay attention to this.
And to pack ground coffee with bags with resealable zippers is a good chioce. After opening the bag, the packaging bag can still be sealed repeatedly, thereby prolonging the freshness and storage time of the ground coffee.

Capsule packing

Capsule packing is the most convenient for customers. They only need to put coffee capsule into the coffee extractor. Coffee capsule formats are K-cup, Nespresso, Lavazza and other similar capsules.

Jar packing is an effective way. The mental or glass jar could totally keep the moisture and oxygen entering, and lock in flavors.

  • Ground coffee packing machine

Pre-made pouch packing machine
We have three types pre-made packing machines:

1. Linear pre-made pouch packing machine model 116

For a new start-up business, it is the small footprint machine, with an affordable price.

2. Horizontal pre-made pouch packing machine model 146
For the expanding business, its speed is high.

 3. Rotary pre-made pouch packing machine model 109
It is applicable for Multi-sized bags, it could change over pouch format for 5 minutes.

Roll film formed packing machine

Vertical form fill seal bag packing machine model 103
This machine could form many kinds of bags, like pillow bag, gusset bag, quad sealed bag. And it could weld the valves and labelling.

The specific process is shown in the following video:

Coffee capsule packing machine

Rotary mechanical driven coffee capsule packing machine

Mechanical driven design and less pneumatic components make it more reliable. The speed is up to 3600 cups per hour theoretically.

NoGloex ProductOthersAdvantages
1Mechanical driven designPneumatic driven designReliable, well synchronized and faster
2Mass loading of empty cupLimit loading of empty cupNo need to load cups frequently
3Self-adapting sealing deviceSealing device with spring onlyGet better sealing quality
4Mechanical driven rotating cup edge cleaning after fillingSimple sucking by vacuum tubeKeep the filled edge of cup clean and get better sealing quality, No products inside the cup been sucked out
5Servo motorized auger with centrifuge diskStepper motorized augerGet better filling accuracy
6Discharge conveyorDischarge chuteConvenient for downstream sorting, bagging or boxing

Jar packing machine

This packing way is classic and effective. The mental jar will completely protected from air, moisture and light. And it also could increase the added value of your products and attract customers.

If you want to know more information about packing ground coffee, you could send us your inquiry to get customized solution.

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