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SC002- High-speed Nespresso Fill Seal System

High-speed rotary coffee capsule fill seal machine system

Do you want to know the process of coffee capsules filling and sealing?

Let's see it through this project!

Project Profile

  1. Project NO. : CSC2231
  2. Country: Thailand
  3. Product: Nespresso Original Capsules
  4. Materials: Ground Coffee

Videos Show

Whole Working Process

Accuracy Testing

Sealing Effect

Last one, please click the words to watch: Nitrogen Inlets and Circulation System

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Versatile powder filling:

It can handle various powder products, including coffee, cocoa, and drink mixes.

Reliable and fast:

With a mechanical-driven design and fewer pneumatic components, it offers synchronized and efficient operation.


Precise and efficient:

It utilizes a motorized indexing device and high-precision sever motorized auger, enabling accurate filling and adjustable volumes.


Convenient loading:

It has a horizontal cup magazine for easy mass loading of empty cups.

Secure sealing:

Mechanical cup clamping and self-adapting sealing device ensure better sealing quality.


Safety and quality control:

It incorporates interlocks such as "No cup no fill and seal," "No lid no seal," and "door open machine stop" features.

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