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SC001-Coffee Linear Bag Packing System

This project is from a new set-up business for the ground coffee industry, in Netherlands.

Let’s take a look at this ground coffee packaging project in the video below.

Project Profile

  1. Project NO. : CSF798
  2. Country: Netherlands
  3. Product: Ground coffee and coffee beans
  4. Packing Speed: 6-8 bags/minute
  5. Packing Machine Series: PP116 - Linear Premade Pouch Packing Machine
  6. Configuration:
    Linear Bag Packing Machine+Two-head Linear Weigher+Z-shaped Conveyor


Configured with Servo Motorized Gripper, the biggest highlight of this coffee packaging system is flexible and easy operation.

Servo Motorized Gripper

  • Achieve width of gripper automatic adjustment
  • Less adjustment for bag size change over
  • Compatible with side gusset bag and non-zippper flat or stand-up bag
  1. Three different packing dimensions, easy bag size changeover
  • Bag-1: 130*381*80 mm, 250g
  • Bag-2: 215*293*89 mm, 250g
  • Bag-3: 146*343*100 mm, 1000g

2. Bag type compatibility for both stand-up bag and gusset bag

If you want to know more details about this project, please contact us.

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