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Rotary Bag Packing Machine for Gusset Pouch Packaging

For the stable and fast coffee gusset bag packing machine, some special models of rotary bag packaging machine have been designed.

The Difference between the Normal and Special Models

Their difference lies in the different applicable bag types.

The special models: Gusset bag and quad sealed pouch.

Bag types for special rotary bag packing machine models

The normal models: Flat bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag and specific spout bag.

Bag types for normal rotary bag packing machine models

Let's see the working process of the special model.

Normal Model

The bag width of the gusset bag is smaller than that of other bags, and it is clamped by a pair of clips.
The opening degree of the bag mouth is limited.

Normal bag clamps of rotary bag packing machine

Design from other suppliers

Suction cups open and held the bags.
In order to avoid affecting the bag appearance, the suction of the suction cups is limited, so there is a requirement for the filling weight.

Design from other suppliers

Compared with the previous two designs, we can see from the video, the bag is opened and firmly held by four bag clips.
Such a design can completely open the bag mouth, ensure the filling speed, and the material will not leak out while filling.

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