Coffee Powder Packing

Techniques on coffee powder packing machine

Coffee powder packaging techniques

After grinding, coffee powder kick up a certain amount of tiny powder during the packaging, causing dust problems. On the one hand, the dust on the bag mouth may affect the sealing results. On the other hand, it will make the packing area dusty.

To a large extent, dust will not only cause inflammable and explosive hazards to the factory, for a long time, the respiratory system of workers will also cause harm.

Therefore, we have several measures to anti-dust during product loading, dosing, filling, and pre-sealing.

When Product Loading & Dosing

Powder Batch Dispenser

The machine configured a dust collecting sub-system with Polyester filter to control the dust when batch dispensing.

Vacuuming Loading Machine

The product is loaded through pipes by vacuum. It has a small footprint and is easy to clean.

Anti-dust Cover

To prevent dust from escaping and prevent material contamination while packing.

When Product Fillinig & Pre-sealing

Flexible Connection

This device is a common way. Provide a relatively confined space for the filling process, preventing dust during filling.

Dust Collecting System

This system is for Model 116(linear pre-made bag packing machine) and applies to dust collecting while filling. It consists of many different devices, including:

  • The dust collecting fan with air flow adjustable feature
  • The customization of the filling hopper
  • The connecting plastic pipes

Pre-sealing jaws

This device is applied to Model 116. For filling, to prevent product contamination of sealed areas during filling.

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