Coffee beans packing solution

Compared with other products, the purpose of coffee beans packing is not only to ensures the beans don’t get lost along the way and it doesn’t get dusty or dirty during transport and while sitting on shelves, the packing also plays a very important role in keeping the beans nice and fresh!

During this roasting process, the beans will develop a lot of flavors due to the chemical reactions. Those roasted flavors will not keep on the coffee bean permanently though. Over time the flavor molecules will disappear if the beans exposed to air. As a result, beans may become stale over time. Therefore, have a good packing is of great significance.

Requirements of coffee bean packaging

To keep the freshness of the coffee beans, there are a few considerations to be taken into account, such as maintaining the good flavor.

  • Keeping the good flavor

First of all, the main way to keep the good flavor is to apply the suitable packaging material that won’t get easy permeation for these molecules through the bags.
Typically, metal cans or laminated packaging materials is pretty suitable. Therefore, we suggest the packing material, such as the premade pouch or roll film has include the laminate material.

  • Letting the gas out

After the coffee beans are roasted, the beans will release very large volumes of C02. If packing in a regular bag which is impermeable to C02, the pressure will become really high if that gas can’t go out, and lead to bag blow up.
Therefore, we suggest packing the coffee bean with a one-way valve which could leave the gas out at the same time, the air can’t enter in the bag.

  • Keeping the oxygen out

With the oxidation reaction, the coffee consists of fat, which will go stale with the oxidation reaction. It also contains a lot of flavor molecules that can all react with oxygen. With the oxygen, the reactions will deteriorate the coffee quality.

Before packing, we will flush the bag with Nitrogen, to reduce the air in the bag, then fill the beans, vacuum, and flush the Nitrogen again to drive out the air from bag to the greatest extent.
After packing, With the one-way valve which keeps air out, the shelf life and quality of the coffee beans will stay well and fresh.

Coffee beans packing machines

  • Premade pouch packing

  • Roll fill packing

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