Solutions on flexible premade pouch packing

Flexible packaging has gained a great number of market share on supermarket shelves during the past several years, the coffee products packing also more abundant packing different form from rigid containers.
A major part of premade pouch such as stand-up pouches, gusset pouch which provide the coffee manufacturers a tremendously marketing-friendly format, which gets more attracts on store shelves and helps sales. The bags are not only designed for stand up but also more to let your products stand out.
The flexible pouch is also often more environmentally friendly than rigid containers–requiring less energy and resources to produce, and allowing for a greater evacuation of the product to the end user.

If your bag packing like these–stand up pouch, or flat pouch without or without zipper

A typical coffee packing pouch--stand up pouch with valve and zipper

flat pouch for coffee packing

We all premade pouch packing machines could handle these bags well, the main difference is the packing speed and the convenience difference on the bag size change over.

SKU PP116  PP109 PP146
Working Station   1 8 Up to 10
Packing Speed 4-12bags/min 20-50bags/min Up to 90bags/min
Bag size change over 10 mins 5 mins Adjustable

Although these 3 machines are all applicable to pack your bags, you may ask, how should I select the suitable one?
If you want an affordable, small, easy use machine to spark your business, the linear model PP116 should be stand out. Compare with the other 2 models, it requires a smaller place for installation, simple maintenance, and easy use.

If you are looking for a machine which quickly bag size changeover, reliable, fast and heavy duty to expand your business, the rotary model PP109 will satisfy all. The faster speed will help to expand your business, and you could change over your bag format within 5 minutes.

If your ideal machine is high speed and easy access for maintenance, please contact us to know more for our horizontal model PP146! It will work in high-speed motion with multi-lane to boom your business.

If your bag format like the side sealed gusset bag

Compared with the stand-up bag, flat bag, the side sealed gusset bag is more popular due to the larger packing amount with same bag size, especially for coffee beans packing.

Our linear model PP116 has handled a lot of cases for these packing. What’s more, this machine could pack all bag formats, like stand up pouch, gusset pouch and side sealed gusset bag by one machine!

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