3 in 1 instant coffee packing solutions

3 in 1 instant coffee is an amazing invention, people could enjoy the classic beverage more quickly and conveniently than ever. It’s warmly welcomed by young people, who are busy with study or work. Choosing instant coffee over traditional coffee seems like a big change, but once people learn about the benefits of instant coffee and learn how it is made, they will be glad for the balance of nutrition, taste, and convenience.

To achieve the convenience, one could drink anywhere with minutes, the packing of 3 in 1 instant coffee mostly are portable for working or study, wildly packed in sachet, sticks and sachets/sticks in carton, stick in bags, etc.

This is a typical type of  instant coffee packaging, stick in carton. It's extensively used.
Compared with stick in carton, this coffee packaging type--sachet or stick in bag, is used by some companies.

For family application, there are also large bag packing, such as a stand-up pouch with a zipper.

coffee big bag pcaking, stand up pouch with zipper and valve

Multi-lane Stick or Sachet Packing

For instant coffee, we are focusing on the multi-lane packing machines, which is a good way to scale the production capacity at the same time to reduce labor cost.
With a multi-lane design, numerous items are packed in less time. With 4-lane design, around 150 items can be obtained per minute. With 10-lane design, speed could be around 400 items per minute.

For the dosing device, we have integrated on the machine, both volumetric cup and screw auger optional, we will configure the suitable one according to the powder characteristics. For loading devices, it’s applicable to have 1 loading system to feed the multi-lane packing.
Below are videos for your reference.


Stick packing is the primary packing, practically the sticks or sachets will be packed into cartons or bags to with the secondary packing process.
Gloex Coffeed can offer a full line to integrate the primary and the second packing process in to a line. With mature technology, we will build the line to your packing request, achieve the stick or sachet packing, counting, and secondary packing.
Below typical line for your reference.

Stand-up Pouch Packing

Different from the stick or sachet packing, for home use, it mostly packs in preformed bags with zipper. The dosing device is similarly applied with Volumetric cup or auger screws. Gloex coffee has developed several series of the host packing machines, to satisfy different packing requests, such as speed, bag sizes, etc.

For the new setup business, our linear model premade pouch packing machine should be a good choice, with the following advantages:

  • Small footprint, compact design to fit small working shop
  • Easy to operate and maintain, no need for a technical background to operate
  • Affordable price

For business scales, our rotary model doypack packing machine will be nice to meet the request of higher packing speed.

  • Speed at 20-40 bags/minute
  • 10 minutes to change over different bag sizes
  • 8 working stations, able to achieve complex packing process

If you have all above machines, maybe you are interested in our horizontal model machine, which is mainly driven by mechanical driven, heavy-duty design, fast and reliable.

Finally, if you haven’t find the suitable machine to pack your 3 in 1 instant coffee in above solutions, please send your inquiry to get Gloex Coffee customized solution for you.

Meanwhile, to click italics, you could know more solutions and  information about us Gloex Coffeed.

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