Solutions on Freeze Dried Coffee Packing

freeze dried coffee and coffee beans

According to drying methods, the instant coffee could be divided into two major types, freeze dried coffee and spray dried coffee like 3 in 1 coffee and black coffee.

We are going to learn about freeze dried coffee, the star product of the recent years. And we will recommend related packing solutions based on its features.

The differences between of Spray dried coffee and freeze dried coffee

  • Spray dried coffee
    Through evaporation of spraying liquid coffee extract at high temperature, spray dried coffee is powder. The high temperature has a great influence on coffee.
    3 in 1 coffee tastes soft and sweet, but its texture is not strong enough.
    Black coffee, the aroma, color and taste of the powder are affected.
  • Freeze dried coffee
    The liquid coffee extract will go through the freezing at the low temperature(-50℃ or less) firstly. Then the frozen coffee will be broken into granules. Finally, it will be dried in a mid-temperature vacuum, through this process, the water of granules will be sublimated. Normally, freeze dried coffee is granules. And it could be processed into powder if necessary.
    Therefore, to the greatest extent, freeze dried coffee could retain the flavor, aroma and nutrition of coffee beans.

The freeze dried coffee packing
There are three major packing types for it, capsules packing, bag packing and jars packing.

  • Bag packing
    If you want to packing freeze dried coffee with different premade bags, you have three choices.

    Linear premade bag packing machine model PP116
    It has three major features
    1.Small footprint
    2.Affordable price
    3.10 minutes for bag types changeover

smallfootprint linear premade bag packing machine

Horizontal premade bag packing machine model PP146

It has two major features

  1. High speed of packing
  2. Double materials filling
  3. Up to 9 stations

Rotary premade bag packing machine model PP109

It has three major features

  1. High speed of packing
  2. Configured with centralized self-lubricating system, easy to maintain
  3. 5 minutes for bag types changeover
  • Coffee capsule packing As the highest quality product of instant coffee, capsule packing is a popular packing way for freeze dried coffee. The capsules are also convenient, and they could be designed with kinds of special shapes to make your products more attractive.
    Our rotary coffee capsule fill and seal machine Model PP259 could meet wide ranges of capsule packing requirements, including Nitrogen flushing to keep fresh, dust cleaning, weight checking and more.
  • Jar packing
    This packing way is not only increasing the added value of your product, but also avoiding crushing the coffee granules during transportation.

If you haven’t find the suitable machine to pack your freeze dried coffee in above solutions, please send your inquiry to get Gloex Coffeed customized solution for you.

Meanwhile, to click italics, you could know more solutions, FAQs and information about us Gloex Coffeed.

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