Coffee Packaging Machine Solutions

The main packing formats of coffee are as following:

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Do you want to get a coffee bagging machines or coffee capsule filling and sealing machine?

Let us see brief introduction on our main packing machines.

Coffee Pre-made bag packing machine

Pre-made bags are more colorful to attract customers.

We have three kinds of pre-made packing machines. their applicable bag formats and speeds are different.

As following:

Flat bags
Stand-up bags
Quad sealed bags
Gusset bags
Model 116
Model 146
Model 109

5~10 bags/min

  • Model 116 Series
  • Suitable for start-up business and small-scale production, with affordable price
  • Model 146 Series
  • Multiple materials dosing & filling on one machine, such coffee beans and coffee powder
  • High speeds, suitable for expanding business

Coffee Roll film formed bag packing machine

Formed bag packing machines could certainly save costs on pre-made bags purchasing.

Coffee Multi-lane stick or sachet packing machines

For multi-lane coffee sachet or stick packing machines, the lanes amount could be designed according to the width of roll film.

Coffee capsule packing machine

Our coffee capsule packing machine could pack multiple capsules, from the classic to the novel.

Like Nespresso, Lavazza blue, K-cup and other special shaped capsules.

Click to watch videos of real packing cases.

GloexCoffeed is one of the subsidiaries of Gloex, which covers food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, cosmetics and other industries, with more than 15-year experience in the packaging industry.

According to your project, our professional engineers will give you packaging suggestions and provide customized solutions. Our coffee applicable packaging formats include packing of bags, jars, boxes and others.

According to your concrete requirements, including materials, bag sizes, speeds, filling quantity, factory space and more, our engineers will give you the optimal solution within your budget.

Meanwhile, you could enjoy 1-year warranty and lifelong & guranteed after-sales serice. We will email you from time to time to inquire about your usage and maintenance. If you have any problems, you could tell us. We will solve them in time.

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