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Transportation Modes

freight modes of gloex coffeed:air, sea, rail

We could transport by sea, air and rail. Different modes of transportation have different characteristics and requirements.

Related information as following,

  • By sea
    Long shipping time is the main characteristic of ocean shipping. Normally, it is about 30 days after departure.
    Our headquarter is located in Wuhan, we have branches and warehouses in Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Foshan. According to the machine models, we will suggest customers the nearest loading port, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai.
  • For Rail
    Rail transportation is for countries along the China Railway Express, such as Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and so on. This way is faster than ocean shipping for countries along the railway. It will take about 15 days normally.
  • For Air
    It is the fastest way. But it has some requirements on the sizes and categories of machines. Our touch screen belongs to Liquid Crystal Display(LCD), it couldn't be transported by air. It will be mailed to you separately.

Our transportation mode is mainly ocean shipping. But according to your requirements, relevant machine sizes and other real situations, we could give you the advice for transportation.

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