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How to pack ground coffee with Kraft paper?

To lock the freshness of the ground coffee, many people prefer to pack it with valve bags. There are a lot of premade pouches with valves, considering being environment-friendly, or reducing the packing material cost, kraft paper packing may be a good solution.

Firstly, the machine needs to form the bag with the kraft paper, due to the friction, it’s not so easy to pull the film as the plastic film, we will adapt the Vacuum film pulling technique to full the film smoothly.

This is the typical material of coffee packaging bag. It's the Kraft paper roll film.
The kraft paper bag is more and more widely used by packaging, Because of its  beautiful shape and various advantages of material.

Before the bag is completely formed, the valves will be mounted, we could offer the valve to you to perfect running with the machine, or could be provided by your local supplier. If you need a batch number printer, it will also be realized in this process.

This is the picture of  vent valve mounting.

For the dosing part, practically we will configure a linear or multi-head weigher with suitable bucket volume, there will be single interact between the host machine and the weigher.
If you need a loading device to load the coffer to the weigher automatically, we also have various options, to save your labors hands free.

This is a typical coffee packaging line, configured with multi-head weigher.

Please refer to the following videos to have a visual experience, any questions or comments, leave messages here, we will reply in time.

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