Coffee Gusset Pouch Packaging Solutions

In coffee bag packaging, stand-up pouches, gusset pouches and flat bottom pouches are the three most popular bag types.

This article is mainly to write the solutions of the gusset pouches packaging.

The types of gusset pouch

This bag format includes normal gusset pouch and side gusset pouch.

Through the picture below, we can find that the difference between the two bags is that the four sides of the latter bag are sealed.

Therefore, the side gusset pouch has a lower center of gravity and has a stronger self-supporting ability than normal gusset pouch.

Gusset Pouch

Side Gusset Pouch

The advantages of gusset pouches packaging

  • Self-supporting ability

The bottom of the bag supports the bag to stand on the shelf, making your product stand out.

  • More space
  1. After the bag mouth is opened, the whole bag is a rectangular parallelepiped.

This bag type has a larger capacity than a stand-up pouch with self-supporting ability.

2. The four sides of the bag can be printed with more information, which can better attract consumers' eyes.

  • Degassing valve for keeping fresh

The degassing valve is not required for every coffee product. But for coffee beans, the valve can exhaust the gas in the bag, reducing the risk of the bag bursting due to gas.

Typical packing machines for gusset bag

For gusset bag packaging, our packaging machines include bag form fill seal packing machine and premade bag packaging machines.

Best gusset bag form fill seal packing machine

Compared with premade bags, choosing to form bags with roll film by bag form fill seal packing machine can reduce a certain cost.

The gusset pouch and side gusset pouch formed by this VFFS packing machine, are almost identicalin appearance  to premade bags.

Vertical bag form fill seal packing machine--Model 103

  • Speed: 5~50 bags/min
  • Options:
    1. Labelling device
    2. Welding valve device

Most cost-effective premade gusset bag packing machine

Linear bag packaging machine--Model 116

  • Speed: 5~10 bags/min
  • Great bag types compatibity
  • Options:
    1.Vacuuming&gassing device
    2. Gusset bag re-gusset device

High-speed premade gusset bag packing machine

Rotary bag packaging machine--Model 109

  • Speed: 20~40 bags/min
  • New clamps design for gusset pouch
  • Options:
    1. Auto Lubrication system
    2. Water Washable Application               
    3. Pouch bottom opening device

On the FAQs, you could know more details about gusset bag packaing.
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